ECPR - Bologna, Italy

Implications of A Wider Europe: Politics, Institutions and Diversity
2nd Pan-European Conference on EU Politics, 24-26 June, 2004, Bologna, Italy
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On-Line Paper Room

This is the on-line paper room. We built it in a hurry so it is still fairly primitive. We hope that you find it useful nonetheless. You have two basic options in looking for papers. One is to search by paper number. The other is to search by author. Perhaps later we will try to organize things more systematically by section or theme. The point to note is that the web pages are very long. If you know what you are searching for, then we strongly advise you to use the search feature on your web browser. As a final point, please note that the people listed in this on-line paper room are the presenters and not the paper authors. When there are more authors than presenters at the conference, the additional names should be found on the papers themselves.

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