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Degree Programs | Master of Arts in International Affairs

Master of Arts in International Affairs (MAIA)

This program entails two years of study at the Bologna Center. Students are not admitted directly to this two-year program (except for those who apply from the Diplomatic Academy of Vienna or the University of Bologna, Forli') but must submit an MAIA application during their first semester of study at the Bologna Center. Students are selected on the basis of their performance in the first semester, their academic potential, and a research proposal that will become the subject of their MAIA thesis in the second year. A prerequisite for non-native English-speakers is to have passed the written section of the Bologna Center English proficiency examination.

In order to receive the MAIA degree, all candidates must fulfill the following requirements:

All candidates must complete fourteen non-language courses taken for credit, normally within four consecutive semesters of study. Students normally take four courses per semester in the first three semesters, and the remaining two in their final semester, together with the thesis. Students entering from the Diplomatic Academy of Vienna or the University of Bologna, Forli' normally receive advanced standing for eight courses.

Language Proficiency:
All native English-speaking candidates must pass a written and oral proficiency examination in one of the languages offered at the Center (see the Language Program page for languages offered at various levels).

Core Examinations:
No core examinations are required for the MAIA degree.

Oral Examination and concentrations:
All candidates must pass a comprehensive oral examination in two fields of concentration:

International economics is a required field, and candidates prepare for the final oral exam by completing Microeconomics, Macroeconomics (or corresponding waiver exam), International Trade Theory, and International Monetary Theory. Students entering from the Diplomatic Academy of Vienna or the University of Bologna, Forli' who have taken intermediate Micro- and/or Macroeconomics are strongly encouraged to take the corresponding waiver exams in June or July so that they can register for pre-term economics courses if they do not pass the waiver. Completion of Micro- and/or Macroeconomics prior to the beginning of the academic year is vital to the successful completion of the MAIA economics requirement by the end of the academic year.

The second field field of concentration is chosen from:

  • European Studies
  • International Relations
  • American Foreign Policy

The oral examination also requires that the student demonstrate an integrated knowledge of the program of study.

Research Thesis:
All candidates must present and defend a research thesis of approximately 20,000 words including footnotes and bibliography.